The esteemed students of MIUC were granted the esteemed privilege of attending a guest lecture session with none other than the distinguished Barrister Shahrukh Iftikhar and Barrister Sara Kazmi, the esteemed Co-chair and chairperson, respectively, of the esteemed Foreign Qualified Lawyers Committee (FQLC) of the esteemed Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA).
During this enlightening session, the esteemed barristers emphasized several key areas of utmost importance. Firstly, they expounded upon the significance of obtaining a license, a crucial step in the legal profession. They further elucidated what employers in the legal field expect from junior lawyers, providing invaluable insights into the expectations and demands of the profession. Moreover, they shed light on the various employment opportunities available to aspiring legal professionals, and imparted invaluable knowledge on how to access these opportunities. Lastly, they graciously shared their wisdom on what students can do while still in law school to adequately prepare themselves for the aforementioned opportunities.
The students, who were undoubtedly captivated by the esteemed barristers’ words, thoroughly enjoyed this enlightening session. They were not only informed about the essential platforms that would enable them to grow their networks and build connections, but were also provided with invaluable guidance on how these networks and connections would prove instrumental in securing future employment opportunities.