Bridging Knowledge: MIUC Students Immerse in Nayatel’s Corporate Dynamics!
MIUC students had an amazing opportunity to visit Nayatel Pvt ltd
Beyond technology, the visit provided a deep understanding of Nayatel’s organizational culture, where innovation and collaboration intertwine to shape its success. The role of the HR department was unveiled, showcasing how it nurtures talent and fosters an environment that drives professional growth.
Guided by the insights of Nayatel’s experts, the students grasped the pivotal significance of the Customer Care department. The Finance department’s role was demystified, shedding light on the financial underpinnings of a tech trailblazer.
Moreover, the visit emphasized the significance of personality traits in shaping career trajectories. Students absorbed wisdom on the vital role of traits like adaptability, communication, and problem-solving in the professional realm.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nayatel for opening their doors and offering our students a holistic experience that transcends technology. Such profound insights are invaluable in nurturing well-rounded future leaders.