In a momentous stride towards fostering student growth and industry integration, MIUC Monash Abbottabad and Abbottabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) have officially joined hands.
Spearheaded by Mr. Walid Mushtaq, CEO of RISC & Rector MIUC, and Mr. Abdur Rasheed, President ACCI, this collaboration promises a range of transformative opportunities for students.
Through interactions with industry leaders, workshops, and events, students will gain firsthand insights into the practical facets of their fields. Networking opportunities with professionals and access to internships will foster a strong professional foundation.
The collaboration’s potential for skill development, research participation, and entrepreneurial mentorship will undoubtedly elevate students’ academic and career pursuits. By providing industry exposure, soft skill refinement, and guidance on career paths, this collaboration stands as a gateway to a comprehensive and enriching educational journey.