MIUC FutureTech and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) recently joined forces in a significant move to promote education and cybersecurity awareness. This collaboration, marked by a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony at FIA Headquarters, involved high-ranking officials from both organizations, including Walid Mushtaq, CEO of RISC, Mr. Jan Muhammad, Additional Director General FIA HQs, Mr. Shakeel Durrani, Director Administration FiA HQs, Dr. Shahzad Asif, Director HRM FIA HQs & Mr. Shahrukh Kalyar, Assistant Director Coordination FIA HQs.
The shared commitment of these key figures is aimed at achieving outlined objectives, particularly focusing on enhancing cybersecurity education and awareness. They emphasized the critical role of education in addressing cyber threats and highlighted the need for collective efforts to create a safer digital environment for the nation.
The partnership is expected to produce a generation of cybersecurity-savvy individuals, contributing significantly to the nation’s cybersecurity landscape and enhancing the overall safety of the digital world.