The esteemed educational institution, MIUC, had the distinct honor and privilege of hosting a highly distinguished guest lecture for its esteemed law students. The lecture was delivered by none other than the renowned Barrister Zunaira Fayyaz, an Advocate of the High Court and an esteemed associate at the prestigious Aitzaz Ahsan Law Associates.
During this enlightening lecture, Barrister Zunaira Fayyaz provided a comprehensive and thorough discourse on the topic of Climate Justice, specifically focusing on the Right to a Clean Environment as enshrined within the Constitution of Pakistan. The students were fortunate enough to gain invaluable insights into the intricate and interconnected relationship between climate and law.
Furthermore, Barrister Zunaira Fayyaz expertly elucidated upon the pivotal role that future lawyers can play in effecting positive change and exerting control over the pressing issue of climate change. By imparting her vast knowledge and expertise, she empowered the students with the necessary tools and understanding to make a meaningful impact in this crucial area of law.