MIUC is widely regarded as one of the premier institutions for legal education, offering the esteemed CertHE in Common Law and LLB Programme of the esteemed University of London. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the law, MIUC stands out as a top choice for those seeking a rigorous and prestigious legal education.

Course Key Information CertHE Programme

Affiliated With : University Of London
Duration: 1 year
Guided Learning: 400 Hours
Mode of Study: Full Time
Job Placements: National and
International Law Firms

Programme Details

How you'll Study

MIUC is pleased to offer Certificate of Higher Education (certHE) in Common Law, which serves as an entry route to LLB(Hons) Programme of University of London. This route is for those students have the ability, motivation and self-discipline to study the LLB(Hons) Degree from UoL but they do not meet the requirements to enter the degree programme through the standard route. The CertHE Route is particularly well-suited for students who come from a local educational background and now aspire to pursue the LLB(Hons) degree from the University of London, which is renowned worldwide for its academic excellence. Upon successful completion of the first year, students will be awarded the esteemed Diploma of Higher Education from the University of London, a qualification that holds global recognition and prestige.

Modules and Total Time Duration
The modules studied in the CertHE Common Law program are identical to the Level 4 modules of the LLB programme modules. These modules consist of Legal System and Method (LSM), Public Law, Contract Law, and Criminal Law in the first year. Out of these four modules, it is mandatory for a student enrolled in CertHE to successfully complete three, including LSM. This is a prerequisite for transferring to the standard LLB(Hons) Programme at the University of London and ultimately obtaining the degree in a total of three years. CertHE itself is a one-year programme, after which the student is directly enrolled in the 2nd Year of the LLB Program of UoL and after completion of total of three years (including 1 year of CertHE) the student will be awarded with LLB(Hons) Degree from UoL.

Features of the CertHE Common Law

It’s the easiest route to enter LLB(Hons) Programme of University of London and complete this esteemed programme it in total of three years within a span of three years, without the need for an additional foundation year, even for those with a local education background. Upon successful completion of the first year, students will be awarded a diploma in CertHE from the University of London. It is important to note that this diploma holds worldwide recognition, further enhancing the value of your educational journey. Subsequently, upon the completion of the full three-year LLB programme, students will be awarded a degree certificate, solidifying their achievement in this rigorous academic pursuit. By enrolling in the CertHE in Common Law programme, students will not only gain a solid foundation in legal principles and concepts, but also develop critical thinking skills, analytical abilities, and a deep understanding of the complexities of the legal system. By enrolling in this program, students will gain access to a world-class education, renowned faculty, and a comprehensive curriculum that will equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the legal profession.


To be eligible for enrolment in the CertHE programme, it is imperative that you have achieved a minimum of 45% marks in both Matric and FA/FSc examinations. Additionally, you must have reached the minimum age of 18 at the time of enrolment. As part of the Pre-Registration process at the esteemed University of London, your designated Teaching Centre will conduct a pre-enrolment assignment and an interview. These steps are crucial in ensuring a smooth transition into the program. It is important to note that applications for CertHE Common Law can only be submitted through a Recognised Teaching Centre.

Programme Details

– Contract Law
– Criminal Law
– Legal System & Method
– Public Law

Eligibility Criteria

In Campus Law Clinic

MIUC Law COLLEGE boasts a legacy of remarkable achievements, evident through its distinguished results and its reputation as a leading institution in the country. The esteemed Law Clinic Classes at MIUC are designed to provide students with a truly comprehensive and enriching learning experience. Through these classes, individuals will have the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of advocacy, litigation, legal drafting, and ongoing legal issues. By participating in this program, students will acquire a wide range of practical skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly propel them towards excellence in the field of law. Moreover, it is worth noting that these classes not only equip students with the necessary skills for success within the courtroom, but also in their everyday lives as aspiring lawyers/ advocates/ barristers and solicitors.

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